The Loft, Pilates Studio



What ultimately sets one pilates studio apart from another are the people who brilliantly create your sessions. Here at The Loft, we pride ourselves on hand picking the best staff who are masters in their fields.  Our instructors have worked with some of the worlds top athletes and performers.  That being said we are just as at home working with antenatal and post natal ladies and clients of all walks of life.  


Our instructors are movement specialists and our work in other medical and hollistic fields mean we can tailor a programme to meet your exact needs.  We take into account previous medical history, injuries and other ailments you may have whilst fulfilling your pilates goals whether it be to loose weight, tone muscles, find your core or simply walk taller with ease and grace.   


SARAH JACOBS (was Batchelor)

Studio Owner and Pilates Instructor

Sarah first came across Pilates whilst working as a soft tissue therapist with 

professional rugby team, London Wasps. She saw how correct Pilates movement alone could completely reduce a player’s pain and saw how important Pilates became as part of their rehabilitation programme. This included working through significant injuries such as ACL knee reconstructions and full shoulder repairs to people struggling with lower back pain and niggles that couldn’t be eased with manual therapies. Sarah started to sit in on the players Pilates sessions and found it fascinating how correct movement could completely change pain levels and more importantly test and strengthen players who are supposed to be big, strong and well balanced athletes. They also reported how strengthening and developing body awareness in the pilates studio had a significant impact on their strength training in the gym, she was hooked.

In May 2009, Sarah completed her matwork training with APPI, but found she needed to know more and in September 2011, started training for the full Studio and Rehabilitation qualification with Polestar Pilates in Hong Kong,  enabling her to work on all the equipment as well as the mat.  Completing the training meant many hours of practice and throughout that time Sarah saw significant improvements in her own body not only how she moved and her body awareness but it completely changed her body shape for the better. Sarah loves working with clients and helping them see positive changes in their body and appearance, and takes great pride in helping antenatal ladies exercise in a safe and positive way as well as getting professional rugby players challenged by new movement and corrective positions.


After 4 years of working as the soft tissue therapist with London Wasps Rugby club, The Welsh National Rugby team came calling and one Grandslam and one Championship Six Nations title later, Sarah continues to keep her role with the Welsh team alongside her commitments here at The Loft.  The challenge and continued drive within the team to be the best means her soft tissue and pilates skills are always kept updated and as a medical team, they are always striving to find a new edge.  This means we are at the forefront of all medical and performance related developments at elite level . 


"Pilates is a fantastic exercise that can benefit anyone in any walk of life and I look forward to seeing you in my class soon".


Pilates Instructor and Studio Manager

Having enjoyed a successful twelve year career in intelligence analysis within both

Law Enforcement and Professional Sport, Elli decided to embark on a career change to become a Pilates Instructor.

Elli discovered Pilates in 2008 and started attending weekly classes. With regular practice she noticed significant improvements in her posture and overall muscle strength, tone and flexibility and very soon developed a passion for the Pilates method.

It was four years later that Elli realised the true benefits of Pilates for rehabilitation, following a lower back disc injury. It took two years for Elli to fully recover and during that time Pilates became an essential part of the rehabilitation.  It was than that Elli realised the true power of Pilates and its incredible ability to heal and improve lower back pain and stability.  Elli was so inspired by the benefits and holistic approach of the method that she undertook the Comprehensive Studio education programme with Polestar Pilates in London.


With a focus on promoting functional, pain free movement and through her own experience with back pain Elli is passionate about helping her clients overcome restrictions in movement and improve their quality of life through Pilates.

Elli's motivating and attentive nature makes her a professional and passionate teacher with a particular sensitivity towards her clients’needs and desires.

Our Current and Previous Clients include:

The Welsh National Rugby Team               Cirque Du Soleil,                   London Wasps Rugby Team                       British Gymnastics

Emer McCamley

Pilates Instructor

Emer discovered Pilates years ago when advised by her Physio to begin taking classes as she was in a lot of pain. Once she began taking classes it was the first time she was pain free since the age of 14 after years of bad posture, weakness and instability. From then on Emer's love of Pilates has grown and over a year ago she decided to leave her job as a Personal Assistant and follow her passion to become a Pilates teacher to be able to help clients the way so many of her teachers have helped her.

Emer is a fully comprehensive Pilates teacher trained by Body Arts and Science International (BASI Pilates) in London and loves to continually attend workshops and courses to keep furthering her education and benefit her teaching. She will also be attending a certification course later in the year that focuses on common injuries and pathologies. Emer's goal for her clients is to have them leave her sessions feeling better than they did when they walked in, pain free, and of course to enjoy themselves! In her sessions you'll focus on your posture, alignment and get a fully body workout each time.


Emer is delighted to be a part of the team at The Loft Pilates Studio and is excited to work with you all!


Pilates Instructor

Maddy has certified with Polestar Pilates, a Rehabilitation based Pilates School internationally recognised by Science Professionals and Movement Therapists.


She has specialised in Studio Pilates and has a passion for improving efficiency and movement strategy in all clients, be it for sports, injury rehabilitation or improving form. She is passionate about bringing awareness to habitual patterns in order to make change and is very happy handing out homework exercises and stretches to keep progression consistent.



From a young age growing up in Gibraltar she enjoyed Gymnastics and Ballet and this contrast in dynamics is what ignited her passion for whole body movement. She has worked in the Fitness industry for over 3 years, and has studied Dance, Sports Massage, and is a keen runner who completed the London Marathon in 2012.

Out of the Studio, Maddy is a fanatical foodie, she gets overexcited about seasonal fresh foods and loves to cook for friends and family.


Alongisde Sarah, Maddy has completed the specialised Pre and Post Natal Pilates course and is experienced in looking after mums to be and exercsing post natal with specialism in exercing post c-section, working with diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction.  Mums to be are in very safe hands with Maddy.

Carla Pereira

Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist

Carla discovered Pilates in 2002 when she started university.  She decided then that she wanted to eventually teach Pilates. Carla has a degree in Physiotherapy and a post-graduate degree  in hospital Physiotherapy. In 2008 Carla did her first course in mat Pilates. In 2010 she became a fully qualified mat and equipment Pilates instructor through Polestar Pilates. Carlas experience also lies in caring for the elderly, massage therapy and global postural re-education.

Carla chose to work with Pilates, in line with her belief that physiotherapy is about movement. She believes that by treating people through the movement patterns of their body, they will learn how to move their body safely, which she believes is the best asset she can give someone who has been injured or who is trying to improve their performance.



Pilates Instructor

Karrie began dance at an early age and knew early on that a stage career was for her! She started to live her dream when she was accepted into London Studio Centre, but that dream was almost shattered when at 16years old she had a back injury, and was old that she may never dance again. Devastated, Karrie began to do studio pilates daily for 2 hours to help her rehabilitation as recommended by her physio & dance teachers. Her diligence and determination paid off and she graduated with a Performing Arts Diploma and went on to work professionally as a dancer and dance teacher in Asia.

Whilst managing a large gym in Singapore, Karrie began to teach matwork pilates and her passion of the work was re-ignited. From here she began her education with Polestar Pilates and is a qualified Mat, Allegro and Studio Instructor. She has continued to update her knowledge through workshops and conferences throughout Asia and is also Pre/Post Natal certified. Never one to get bored, she continued her movement education in other modalities and is also GyrotonicÒ, Xtend BarreÒ and Core AlignÒ trained, which allows her to bring lots of variety to her classes.


Karrie teaches pilates with passion as she knows what it has done for her career and life. Her goal is that her clients have a positive movement experience and learn the tools to carry this into their everyday life. She is excited to join our team, after leaving one of the top studios in Singapore, and add a little spice to the mix! She may seem all sweetness and light but her class will give you that extra little kick!!!

Juliet Martha

Pilates Instructor

Juliet was born and raised in the Swedish forests and was originally led to Pilates through a keen interest in mind-body medicine, specifically how

movement can affect our nervous system and consequently well-being. After eight years of working as an actor and movement performer, Juliet decided

to take this passion further and trained with London's Polestar Pilates. She has since worked alongside a multitude of Osteopaths and Physiotherapists and seen the huge benefits Pilates can have when working with a variety of injuries and fitness levels.  

Juliet's classes emphasise correct alignment, balance and fluidity in movement and will leave you feeling energised, lengthened, strengthend and more grounded. As well as teaching Pilates, Juliet is a keen yogi and can often be seen with a mat under her arm ready to break into downward facing dog alongside a Pilates V. She is currently pursuing this interest and is studying yoga therapy with a view to specialise in adrenal, immune and nervous disorders as well as post cancer care. When not in the studio or on her mat, Juliet loves getting out of the city and into nature, enjoying nothing more than a little wilderness adventure.