an exclusive private Pilates studio offering private, duet and semi private classes (maximum of 3 people) in the only fully equipped studio in Wandsworth Common. 


Whether you have an injury you need us to work with, are after antenatal or post natal specialist instruction or simply want to create a balanced strong, lean, flexible body, our experienced instructors are ready to change your body for the better.


Our instructors have worked with some of the best elite performers in the world.  Our clients include The Welsh National Rugby Team, Cirque de Soleil, London Wasps Rugby Team, British Gymnastics and many know you will be in safe hands.



Pilates can and will with regular practice change your body shape. The system of exercises targets and strengthens the deep core and spine muscles which essentially creates a corset around the spine. This strengthens your body from the inside out.

 Intrigued?.....come fall in love with Pilates at The Loft.





piˈlätēz/ (prounciation).a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and enhance mental awareness(noun). Definition.

Originally created by a German man named Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920s, Pilates is a series of exercises designed to target the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine to strengthen the body from the inside out.  It focuses on breath and proper alignment with the goal of achieving a balance of strength and flexibility.  This creates better balance in the body which translates to your movement through all of life’s activities, improving your posture and muscle tone.


The equipment we use in Pilates utilizes pulleys and springs to assist or resist movement using the participants own body weight.  It provides extra resistance so that strength and stamina are built quicker than with mat work alone. The assistance the springs provide can also help clients suffering with injury to rediscover their range of movement and mobility, as the springs can take some of the body's weight. Clients also feel that they can get more feedback from the machines and it enables them to make and understand a better connection with their body. Specific areas can also be targeted where necessary.


With regular practice pilates can and will change how your body looks and feels.  It can...

Develop core strength and improve posture

Increase strength without bulk

Promote weight loss and long, lean appearance

Improve mobility and flexibility

Improve whole body fitness

Increase energy and self confidence

Create efficient flowing movement

Increase awareness of the mind, body and spirit

We are experienced at working with and successfully treating:

Lower back pain

Exercising post pardum or after a C-section

Pelvic floor dysfunctions

Surgical and non surgical repairs/rehabilitation

Exercises for diastasis recti (split abdominals)

All age groups

The Loft Pilates Studio, 4 Jaggard Way, Wandsworth, London SW12 8SG

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