"Contrology (pilates) develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit."



Time to invest in you

Here at The Loft, we understand that pilates is a big investment in terms of time and money and that is why we want to ensure you get the most out of your session, everytime.  Our focus is on quality of movement and the small group size enables the instructor to be very hands on, ensuring you get great results.  Pilates can and will change how your body works and moves but only if you are switching on the correct muscles and our hands on instrutors will ensure this.


When working with us in the equipment studio you have a choice of 3 ways you can train.  These include private 1-2-1 sessions, duets and group sessions and each of these options are highlighted below. As all new students will be required to complete two 1-2-1 sessions before moving into a group environment, we would like to offer an introductory special to all first time clients to our studio.






Underpinning the basics

We require new clients to The Loft to complete two one hour 1-2-1 sessions before moving into a group session to ensure that you have the basic principles underpinned. These form the basis of every pilates exercise from the very basic low impact exercises to the high end advanced work. With a clear knowledge and understanding of these principals, the client will watch as their body begins to change shape and work optimally.  


During these introductory sessions, the instructor is able to gain a clear understanding of people's previous pilates experience and medical history, the level clients have been working at or if they are completely new to pilates, teach the basics.  This will allow them to enter a group situation and still be able to get the most out of their sessions.   The private environment also enables the instructor to start to create a programme which matches each individual's needs, ensuring old or current injuries are rehabilitated, expectations and goals are met and clients walk away from each session loving the pilates experience.


What are you waiting for, start your pilates journey at The Loft today!

2 x 1 hour private 1-2-1 session only:  £100


The Ultimate training environment

The seclusion of a private one to one setting helps you get the most out of your sessions and is how Joseph Pilates originally intended practice to be.  It enables you to build a solid foundation and progress optimally.  It is also the perfect environment for clients suffering with injury, as the instructor will be hands on at all times, ensuring correct movement patterns are retaught and a strong deep core is created.  

Drop in: £70 per session

5 Pack: £65 per session

10 Pack: £60 per session


Train with a friend or partner of your choice 

Duets allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a private pilates training environment but adds the motivation that comes from training with a partner.  This helps you to keep on track ,push yourself a little harder, spend time with a partner or simply someone to enjoy a green tea with post session. 

Drop in: £50 per person


5 Pack: £45 per person

10 Pack: £40 per person


Effective on your purse strings 

Group sessions are the most cost effective way to train.  With Group sessions you dont need to choose who you want to train with as we will sort that for you. Simply let us know what day you want to train and a rough tme and we will arrange the rest.  Training in a group session, with a maximum of 3 clients, will enable you to see more of the pilates repertoire and help to energise you after a tough day in the office. 

Drop in: £42 per class


5 Pack: £40 per class

10 Pack: £35 per class

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