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Dena Headshot.jpg

Dena R

Pilates Instructor

Dee completed her Studio & Rehab Diploma with Polestar Pilates and has worked in a range of settings including physiotherapy clinics, hospitals and fitness centres as well as with the Australian Synchronised Figure Skating Team, professional dancers and gymnasts. She has a special interest in teaching Pilates and efficient movement skills to elite athletes to enhance their sports performance and reduce injuries.


Dee grew up as a classical dancer. After completing her full time training with Brent Street, she worked as a professional dancer with a career taking her all over the globe. In between dance contracts, Dee commenced her nursing studies at UTS and began working as a student nurse in a rehabilitation ward. After helping patients with their exercises post surgery, she discovered her true passion for rehabilitative movement and transferred to a Bachelor of Health Science (exercise and nutrition). Dee’s biggest pleasure in her teaching is seeing the progression of her clients from all levels and ages and the difference Pilates makes to their lives.

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