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Sue T

Pilates Instructor 

Sue's Pilates journey began about twelve years ago that I was about losing control of my life remembers being distracted. I was experiencing some joint pain, back pain, exhaustion and fatigue because of the depression in my life during the time. 


Pilates became my exercise of choice and helped me a lot to find my balance, wellbeing and mind-body connection. Sue completed Comprehensive teacher training programme through Balanced Body University its covers all pilates equipment (level1,2,3,) and completed Level 1 Pilates Therapist Education Programme for combining my exceptional abilities observing and teaching movement with the use of objective screens, manual skills and other techniques. I create a unique recipe for helping resolve issues when working with my clients. 


The excellent combination quality of movement (Pilates) along with the application of manual techniques (Therapy) can contribute to resolving dysfunctional actions and changing dysfunctional movement patterns that may result in injuries


My passion for movement and exercise and to provide a welcoming environment where clients of all ages and abilities could work an improving their health and fitness 

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