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Elli W

Studio Manager . Pilates Instructor 

Elli discovered Pilates in 2008 and with regular practice noticed significant improvements in her posture and overall muscle strength, tone and flexibility and very soon developed a passion for the Pilates method.


It was four years later that Elli realised the true benefits of Pilates for rehabilitation, following a spinal disc injury. Pilates then became an essential part of Elli’s rehabilitation and she experienced its incredible ability to heal and improve lower back pain. Elli was so inspired by the benefits and holistic approach of the method that she undertook the Comprehensive Studio & Rehabilitation education programme with world-renowned Polestar Pilates in London, leaving a career in Intelligence Analysis behind her.


In 2017 Elli was invited to join the Polestar Pilates UK Education Team as a Mentor and regularly supports the role of the Educators in the delivery of education programmes. Elli is passionate about supporting the next generation of Polestar Pilates Practitioners and offers assistance with their development of exercise mastery, teaching skills and theory in preparation for the final assessment. 


Elli remains curious about the complexities of human movement and the mind-body connection. She is dedicated to continually further her professional development and has undertaken further training in Myofascial Anatomy & Movement, Neurological Rehabilitation and Women’s Health.


With a focus on promoting functional, pain free movement and through her own experience of back pain, Elli has a keen interest in helping clients deepen their own understanding of movement to overcome restrictions and improve their quality of life through Pilates.

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