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Sarah Jacobs

Studio Founder and Pilates Instructor 

I was first introduced to Pilates in 2007 whilst working as a Soft Tissue Therapist in Professional rugby. I was blown away with the power of the Pilates method and how switching on correct muscles and learning efficient movement could completely reduce a player’s pain.   I saw how important Pilates became not only as part of their rehabilitation but also as a way of creating balance and strength in the players beyond that found on the gym floor.  


I completed my Comprehensive Pilates qualification in Hong Kong in 2010 and have never looked back.  After 3 years living and gaining experience in Japan and Australia, we landed back in London.  I opened The Loft out of a frustration of working at other studios where numbers in classes were valued higher than the experience or benefit of the client.  I am proud The Loft offers a highly personalised approach to private sessions as well as group classes, we really try to understand what the bodies in front of us need and with hands on cueing are able to achieve this.


Having just had my second child I understand first hand how vital the Pilates method is throughout pregnancy and the postpartum stage.  The powerful combination of mobility, flexibility and strength built in Pilates is like no other and I am grateful for the strength Pilates has built me to recover quickly and with relative ease.


My experience and knowledge learnt from working in International rugby, has led The Loft to develop a method with a strong focus on body biomechanics and alignment.   Behind the big smile, expect to flow, shake, stretch and burn your way through my classes  “I love to switch muscles on you never knew existed, you’ll walk out feeling taller, more connected and with a sense of ease and freedom in your body.”

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